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Los Angeles, California.

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FOCUS  Art direction


Care/of Bottles  

Care/of is known for its subscriptions service in which a customer can personalize a vitamin routine that is delivered monthly. In 2024, we expanded our product offerings to include more standalone SKUs and introduced a one-time purchase option on our DTC site. 

To support this initiative, I partnered with our Creative Director and Director of Brand & Creative Ops to oversee a product + lifestyle shoot. This shoot showcased the new SKUs, their ingredients, and how they align with various health goals and symptoms. We opted for neutral backgrounds and natural lighting to allow each SKU and their ingredients to be the predominant colors at play. This decision also helped maintain consistency with a previous shoot conducted by the same photographer. Equally vital was ensuring the flexibility of these assets to accommodate our ongoing brand evolution and marketing initiatives.

Creative Direction: Samantha Mansfield
Creative Production: Bridget Gray
Packaging Design: Emma Muro + Samantha Mansfield
Photography: Nicole Mason
Props: Jessie Cundiff
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