Chanel Portman

Brand Designer based in
Los Angeles, California.

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Art direction
Video storyboard + edits
Motion graphics


Care/of visual evolution

When Care/of first started out, our visuals were all about being friendly, approachable, and convenient. But as we've grown and learned more about our target customer, we wanted to focus more on making it simpler to thrive and helping them see results. Part of the solution was to revisit our visual identity with the goal of ensuring our visuals could support the new strategy, differentiate us in the market with a more identifiable brand, and ensure we’re considering scalability and consistency.

After Creative Director Helen Steed laid the groundwork for our visual identity, we brought the process in-house, collaborating to unify our brand across all channels. With Care/of's design team, I developed new digital marketing templates and set standards for color, typography, and layout. Working closely with product designers, I maintained brand consistency on our website by curating assets and providing feedback during the creation of its design library. Above is a hero video for our homepage, and below are some of my design contributions to our social and email content.

Typography, Logo, and Identity: Helen Steed
Creative Direction: Samantha Mansfield
Creative Production: Bridget Gray
Copy: Ayla Lujan
Photography: Lauren Maccabee,
Ian Loring Shiver, Nicole Mason
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