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(NEW YEAR’S, 2024)

“Feel your youest”- Care/of New Year’s campaign

In today’s monoculture, there’s a lot between us that looks the same—sipping from the same water bottle, sliding on the same retro sanadals, taking the same green powder. Yet, there’s so much to each of us that’s unique. So in 2024, Care/of is pushing against this sameness...

This year, they want you to feel like you. And they’re there every step of the way with vitamins personalized for you and all your pursuits. Because for Care/of, when you feel your best, you can feel your youest.

I collaborated closely with Care/of’s brand design team to translate our concept into a 360 digital campaign, reflecting individual health goals and our brand's core value propositions. Together, we established visual styles and motifs—such as the use of parentheses for a secondary voice, bold text-driven graphics, pill cut-outs, and a balance of product and lifestyle photography—that became a cohesive thread across various channels. This collaborative effort resulted in designs that took the best of what we knew resonated without our audience while introducing an updated twist to our digital marketing assets. 

Creative Direction: Samantha Mansfield
Creative Production: Bridget Gray
Copy + Concept: Ayla Lujan
Video Editing: Ian Wooster
Photography: Kayla Varley
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